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The BLACKBOX360  4G - From $59.95PW

Our champion performer! Available in HD, UHD and also with AI!

A huge range of options with these units including options such as Human Tracking, 24 Hour Recording, Spotlights,Twin lens (1 wide & 1 close up) and Scheduled Sir
ens. It's hard to hide from these units.

The perfect choice for on-site CCTV Security Camera solutions for all construction sites. 
The Black Box offers a fully enclosed 7mm casing which is sealed top and bottom. Also features proximity and tamper alarms when required.

1 x 360 Degree 4G CCTV Camera complete with Time lapse option! Perfect for construction & building sites, events or any remote installation where site management & security are  paramount and no power or internet exists!  

Powerful, cameras that can be mounted on a pole (included) for amazing site management! No more wondering if that delivery has arrived or if the skip bin is full! 

Shipping container & Portable mounting options


A better solution if surveillance is an equal priority to site management.

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• Enclosed Casing 
• Alarmed 

• 360 Rotating 4G Camera
• 4G (No Internet required) 
• Live HD or 4K Colour Video 
• Solar Power (No 240V) 
• Email Alert Via Phone 
• 30 Day Back Up Battery 
• 60 Day Cloud Option 
• 3.6 Metre Pole 
• Infra Red for night 
• Scheduled Alerts  
• On Site Service 
• Human Tracking *

• 24 Hour Recording *

• Twin lenses *

• Scheduled Sirens *

• Spot lights *

Option available

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