• Gold Support  - $0 (Included)
    All online support & on site warranty issues are included
    for the length of your rental  (7 Business Days)


  • Re-Location Single Camera Rig (New Site) - $125 

  • Re-Location Twin Camera Rig (New Site) - $165 
    (Includes dismantle, Move, Reset / Recommission Camera & Decoy Cameras. Freight & Delivery. Battery / Solar Checks / Clean / Replace. App, IT & Cloud Update. (7 - 14 Day lead time) Includes TRAVEL to 10km - then travel fees (below) apply.

  • Re-Position Cameras (On site) - $88 ea
    (Includes Decoys & signage 7 - 14 Day lead time)

  • Online Camera Tune Up - $45
    Let us go right through your camera settings online and make sure everything is 100%. We will fine tune all set ups and report back on system function.

  • On-Site Camera Tune Up - $85
    At different times of the year your batteries & solar panel may need moving and / or topping up if they fall into winter shade with less light. You can manage this yourself or let us do it for you and and make sure everything is 100%. We will move panels as needed, changeover batteries, fine tune all set ups and report back on system function.

  • Urgent Camera Delivery (Same Week) $150

  • Urgent Camera Delivery (Same Day) $250
    + Travel  - Casual Rates Apply (Below)
    + Casual Rental Rates May Apply


  • Travel (Charged at $2.80 KM)
    Includes driver / staff time

  • Cloud Access - $65
    You can access all your videos via the SD card in your camera, but we also back up to the cloud for you in case your camera was stolen or damaged. We can access download for one event on one day for the fee listed above.

    Travel Areas
    Our Standard areas cover :
    Aldinga - Two Wells.
    Two Wells - Gawler
    City - Murray Bridge 
    Murray Bridge - Mt Gambier
    Travel rates will apply for areas outside standard

    Any services requested above are sent out on 14 day accounts. Please Contact us with any questions. When ordering a "re-position", this is a great time to add new items such as decoy cameras, tamper alarms, lighting etc.


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