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 P R O - B O X  T W I N  360  4G  -  $99.95PW

Enjoy the ultimate viewing experience with 2 x 360 Degree Cameras complete with Time lapse option! This is the same unit as the PROBOX 360 4G but there's 2!  Perfect for construction sites, solar, wind farms, events or any remote installation where site management & security are  paramount and no power or internet exists!  


Powerful, cameras that can be mounted on a pole (included) for amazing site management! No more wondering if that delivery has arrived or if the skip bin is full! 

Shipping container & Portable mounting options


A better solution if surveillance is an equal priority to site management.

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• 2 x 4G Cameras  
• 4G (No Internet required) 
• Live HD Colour Video 
• Solar Power (No 240V) 
• Email Alert Via Phone 
• 30 Day Back Up Battery 
• 90 Day Cloud Option 
• 3.6 Metre Pole 
• Infra Red for night 
• Scheduled Alerts  
• On Site Service 
• Camera Assist 

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