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COVERT4G  -  From $5.70 Per Day

100% Portable! 4-6 Week battery! Mount it anywhere!
The ultimate Rapid Deployment Surveillance Camera!

This is the ultimate site supervisors companion. The  Covert 4G in a box. So much power with all the features of its big brother in this little camera. Got a trouble spot or somewhere you want to keep an eye on? Just remove it and mount it with 1 screw or just place it one the ground! 

This camera is the perfect compliment to our decoy camera and alarm kits. A great solution if surveillance is an equal priority to site


$49.95 (Per Week)
Alarm Kit Upgrade Options
Decoy Camera Upgrade Options

(Unit can be collected from depot or delivered via courier for $25



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• 100% Portable  
• Battery Power (No 240V) 
• 4-6 Weeks Battery 
• 4G (No Internet required) 
• Live HD Colour Video 
• Email Alert Via Phone 
• 90 Day Cloud Option 
• Infra Red for night 
• Scheduled Alerts  
• 7 Day Service 
• Camera Assist 
• USB Charging 

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