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 P R O B O X   C O N S T R U C T I O N  T I M E   L A P S E  
From $49.95 Per Week


High Definition Time Lapse Camera Hire and Rental for the recording of construction / building or house progress from beginning to end with a spectacular high speed Time Lapse Camera or use it for your marketing purposes or even an amazing  gift for clients. (We can even add your company logo) FHD Quality. 

Can be edited as "Fast Track Motion" time lapse or "Smooth Dissolves". Can also supply images to match.

The camera can be used for site surveillance at the same time if required. 
Can be fitted with auto on lights and alarms. 


Time Lapse:  $49.95 PW (Rental)
Time Lapse Package: $850 (Beginning to end and editing)

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• Time Lapse Cameras  
• 4G (No Internet required) 
• Live HD Colour Video 
• Solar Power (No 240V) 
• Email Alerts Phone 
• 30 Day Back Up Battery 
• 90 Day Cloud Option 
• Fixed Mounted 
• On Site Service 
• Camera Assist 
• Includes final editing