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From $145


Powerful Horse Arena Solar Lighting South Australia
The ARENA 400 is our ALL in 1 star performer with so many benefits!
· Ultra Bright Light Head
· 4 Metre Pole (As standard)
· 45 Degree Angle (As standard)
· Mounts to existing Arena posts
· All in one Unit (No separate Solar Panel)
· Very Cost Effective
· Motion Sensor
· Remote Controlled
· Super Easy to Mount
· Great for Arenas, Yards & Pathways
· Matched Light Heads & Poles
· Field Tested for many years
Enjoy our super reliable clean and bright LED solar lighting for your Horse Arena, Yards or Farm and ride into the night! Custom made steel mounting poles and brackets which are designed and assembled in South Australia to Australian Standards and tested for South Australian wind & weather events
Easily Mounting to existing post in Arena, fence posts or structure Garage etc) You can even concrete into ground with removeable sleeve if required.  DIY or let us do it for you!

All our lights have been field and bench tested to high levels of exposure in a range of conditions. They do not require a 240V electricity connection and keep working even when the power goes off. 

Hypervision are experts in 12 volt solar technology and offer a range of
solar flood lighting solutions for horse arenas to suit any size arena or
areas of your property.


  • Very cost effective!

  • Budgets to Suit Everyone

  • Long battery life 

  • No wiring required!

  • Remote control options

  • No ongoing costs or power bills

  • All wiring within light pole

  • Not effected by power outages

  • Ideal for remote locations

  • No Electrician Required

  • Much cheaper than 240V

Light Night-014.JPG


  • Horse Arenas

  • Horse Stables

  • Feed Sheds and Barns

  • Paddocks & Feed Areas

  • Property Entrances

  • Boat & Caravan Security Lighting

  • Back Yards

  • Business Yards and Enclosures

  • BBQ Areas

  • Camping

  • Gardens

ARENA 400 (Kit)

Includes Light, Pole & All Fittings


Includes Light Head

EASY AS 123!

1: Choose your light head, 2: Choose your pole and 3: type of delivery or installation or contact us today!

1: Light Heads.

When positioning solar lighting, it's important they receive full sunlight for the maximum amount of daylight hours.  If you have large trees that will block the panels, then we can suggest options where the panels and lights separate.

Each light will spread about 8 - 10 Metres from the light head. so we suggest lights are 4 - 6 Metres apart, dependent on the light levels you require on the ground. The lights in the pictures above are 400 Watts and 6 metres apart.

Our units offer wireless remote control and lights can be set to automatically turn on at night and off after a pre determined amount or can just sit in dim mode and brighten as you arrive. One remote will operate all your lights at once.

For night use, both outdoor and indoor arenas rely on effective lighting solutions. Arena illumination must be able to handle dust, debris, and moisture. Lightweight construction means no need for rigging and cool operation means no added heat to indoor venues or fire risk around areas of hay, grass and feed.

Its easy to be overwhelmed with an abundance of information, but lighting up your horse arena is one of those jobs that you just want to get right!  When looking to install lighting in your horse arena it's a good idea to do your research and make sure that you weigh up all the options.

Q: Can we go higher with the light pole?
A: You certainly can! However, the light pole may need to be upgraded in width and thickness to handle the extra height. But more that this, the actual light has a limited illumination distance, meaning that we have matched lights to what we believe is their best height rating. If you go higher with a light head, it may spread further, but will be less intense at ground level, as the bulk of your light is always nearer the light head. Light needs to reflect the ground to work.

Q: Are they hard to fit?
A: Absolutely not! They just screw straight onto the side of existing posts around the arena. All brackets and fittings come with them. Any half competent handy person could do it. But we can do it for you if preferred.

Solar lighting may seem like the “easy way” when you think it is as simple as putting a light on a pole, but there are a few more things to consider. W
e get quite a few enquiries on LED Solar Lights to suit a horse arena. Unfortunately like with most things “Equine” many contractors assume you're just another "horsey person" busting to spend money on your horses.

Top things to consider when choosing Solar Lighting Systems for your horse arena.

  • How many hours of light will you use your arena?

  • How often will you use your arena?

  • How far away from Mains power is your arena located?

  • How much light you want on your arena?

Why do you need to ask yourself these questions when selecting LED Solar lights for your arena? The answer is there is a basic algorithm that you can use to work out if the Solar Lighting System is going to meet your requirements. For example not areas are well suited to Solar Power for various reasons. (Trees and daylight hours)

Deciding on how much light you require, taking into consideration the uniformity will minimalise shadows. Are reducing shadows on your arena important to you?. This will depend on the discipline you are riding, the age of your  horses and who will be using your arena. Some people are happy to have light, others want to be more specific about there requirements.

Pole height is of great importance. The higher the poles the better uniformity of the light. You know when you hold a torch to the ground it has a very intense light in one spot, the further back you pull the light the more dispersion you get. The height of the poles will also need to be high enough so that the light is not shining in both the horse and the rider’s eyes. However, the higher you go, the more power you will require and the strengths of the poles will become more expensive over 4 metres.

Where should you position the poles around the arena? This will depend on the overall light that you expect to have once the arena lights have been installed. For more consistent lighting the poles should be positioned evenly down both sides of the arena reducing shadows.

Remember to consider the aesthetics, maybe you want the poles to match a certain style of your property, you can consider powder coating the pole to match in.

Buy from a reputable company that is prepared to work out the best solution to meet your requirements. Buying what lights are available at the local hardware store, may lead to disappointment. Not only with the quality of the light but, the after sales service.

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