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Congratulations on your new "Time Lapse Camera!"
Find out more about renting a Time Lapse camera



Congratulations! Your new site TIME LAPSE camera is the latest 4G or WiFi camera and will periodically capture frames each day, between a specified time to form a finished video. When complete, the video will need to be edited to eliminate unwanted scenes or site downtime.
We can do this for you, or you can do it yourself!


  1. To view:  Connect the camera (Set up) to your phone!

  2. Chances are, we have already set the time lapse up for you and it's underway!

  3. You can find the "TIME LAPSE" function under settings, but we do caution that adjusting
    them may affect the outcome of your final video. Feel free to talk with the Hypervison
    team about any adjustments you may consider.



Outdoors and Construction Sites can be a harsh environment for all electronic equipment to perform in and a time lapse can be subject to many challenges along the way, from bugs, weather events, rain, bumps, wind, fog and actual daylight changes. A little bit of regular love
will ensure your time lapse pictures are the best they can be and keep the unit running trouble free. Hypervision will always do their best to assist with any technical questions along the way and sort camera malfunctions, however the camera is now on hire and its over to you!  

For "self managed" rental plans read on! 
If we are "managing" the camera, then we are doing much of this for you! (**)


  • Log in and view whenever you like! But log out (close app)!  If camera goes flat, it will NOT record anything.   (Note: Swiping to the background is NOT logging out!)
    - Remember this when sharing the APP with team mates .


  • It's a great idea to take a photo from your APP (camera) in the VERY beginning so that you have a reference point throughout the time lapse PERIOD in case anything goes wrong. (**)

  • Periodically (weekly) log in & make sure your camera is running and has not changed
    position or anything has gone wrong like a bug splattered on it / spider web etc..  (**)


  • During rapid periods of construction, log in daily to ensure your camera is capturing all
    the activity.  (Too late if it's all happened) and consider adjusting the capture rate.
    (** if notified by client only)


  • Clean the lens every now & then and even wipe some surface spray around the exterior
    to avoid spiders sitting in the middle of your pictures! But be careful not to shift it.
    (** We will notifiy you and offer service when noted)


  • If you move or bump the camera, then the time lapse framing will shift! 
    (** We will notifiy you and offer service when 

  • Periodically view and download your time lapse to make sure it is backed up in the case
    of camera break down or foul play (Do not click FINISH or the time lapse will cease!)


  • Setting the angle of your camera is quite important and it is worth taking note carefully
    of the first week so ensure you are happy with the result. Think about final roof heights
    etc which may exceed the current angle. 


  • Check your camera after weather events! Whilst the mounts are fairly rigid, wind has a habit of not only moving cameras, but even the mounts they are on at times. If the camera has been shifted, simply angle it back to match the original frame.
    (** We will notifiy you and offer service when 

  • When the build is complete, edit the Video down to eliminate unwanted time periods of inactivity, rain drops, night and long periods of nothing!  We can help with this process for standard editing rates.    (** Optional service)

    **  Service supplied if a "Fully Managed" Time Service has been hired.


Following these house keeping tips, will help keep your camera running trouble free and assist
in getting  the best Time Lapse Video Possible!

In the event you have a "Fully Managed" Time Lapse, Hypervision will undertake most of the tasks listed above (Marked with **), including downloading backups and editing.
Hypervision can also supply any of the services on site as per
standard fees.

How do I know if my Time Lapse Camera is FULLY MANAGED?
It will say FULLY MANAGED on your quote and / or invoicing.

Hypervision will ensure your camera keeps running as smoothly as possible technically under standard terms whilst on hire and offer 7-14 day on site service for breakdowns, but are NOT RESPONSIBLE for what your are recording or the outcome of any pictures at anytime.

Please note that if our technicians are called to site for angle shifts due to weather events or movement, standard site fees will apply.

Good Luck and we hope you enjoy watching your project get built!!  (In fast motion) 

Thanks again
David & The Team


Time Lapse
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