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35 Years Of Camera Experience

C A M E R A   S P E C S   &   F E A T U R E S
We take great care in choosing our camera fleet, as we provide on-site changeover warranty for the term of your hire period, which means we want the most reliable equipment! (Good for you - Good for us!)

After your camera arrives, you'll find it has far greater purpose than you first thought! ... Sure! Depending on which package you selected, it will watch for unwanted site activity, but it will also allow you to manage your site remotely. From deliveries to contractors. Meaning less fuel and drive time for you!

Welcome to what we believe is the finest remote 4G Battery Surveillance Camera currently available in it's class! Works wherever there is phone range! No Power or Wifi Required! Enjoy peace of mind with one of our fully self contained Surveillance Camera Kits.


FROM $49.95 PW

F E A T U R E S   &   B E N E F I T S !

  • Long & Short Term Rental Options

  • 100% "On Site" 7 Day Replacement Warranty 

  • Live HD Video Feed & Images to Your phone
  • Email Alerts with picture when Camera Triggered 
  • No Internet Required (No way to shut it down via Wifi)
  • No Power Required (No way to cut power from Mains)

  • No Computer or Hard Drive (Thieves know what to destroy first!)

  • Multi Viewers (Stream to your Site Supervisor, Client or Family!)

  • 24 Hour Self Monitoring (Get a picture the moment the camera detects)

  • SD Card Back Up (In Camera) with Remote Playback

  • I-Cloud Back Up (Safely Tucked Away!) (30 DAYS)

  • Great for Outdoor or Indoor (No Wifi or Power required)

  • Great for remote locations (Even Farms & Bush Blocks!)

  • Night (Starlight) Vision (Amazing pictures in the dark)

  • Schedule PIR (Sensor) Activation

  • Silent Alarm Activation (Manual and Automatic)

  • Rental Includes Camera, Set Up & Phone Data (To 5 Gig)

  • Hypervision Camera Assist for Gold plans

  • May reduce insurance premiums with many companies

    Got some questions? Please Make Contact Today

Our Surveillance Cameras offer a 100% wire-free mobile HD security camera, operating on the 4G and 3G networks. The ideal video monitoring solution with no cords, no wiring hassles, when in areas with limited or no WiFi access, no electrical power source! Portable and weatherproof!

This specification applies to our cameras as a minimum


  • Power: Battery & Solar

  • Image Sensor: Night Vision CMOS Image Sensor 

  • Video Resolution: 720p / 1080p HD at 2-15 FMS

  • Video File: MP4 H.264

  • Image Resolution: (1920 x 1080 FHD

  • Lens: Fixed lens. Field of View. 110° diagonal

  • PIR Sensor: Approximately 10 m (33 feet) 

  • PIR Angle: 120° horizontal

  • Digital Zoom: Yes

  • Audio Record : Yes

  • Video Streaming: Yes

  • Email Alerts: Yes

  • Waterproof: Yes

  • Phone Compatible: Yes

  • Computer View-able: Yes

  • Streaming: Yes  (HD Dependent on reception)

  • SD Card Recording: Yes (Full HD)

  • I-Cloud Recording: Yes (HD Dependent on reception)

  • Phone Networks: Telstra 3G & 4G

  • Battery Warnings: Yes

    We retain the right to change camera models & brands at anytime.
    Specifications subject to change without notice



No 240v Power

or Internet Required

Full Solar Driven &
30 Day Battery Back Up


Real Time Access
Live Video To Your Phone 24 Hours A Day


Starlight Night Vision with Infra Red Viewing


Receive An Email
Anytime Your System Detects Activity

Unlimited Viewers!


Standard Plans & Packages to Suit all Budgets & Sites
from $44.95


Feel secure knowing you have 7 Day
On Site Warranty


Record Video & Images
To Your Phone, 
Camera SD Card
& I Cloud


Don't Go It Alone!
Our Camera Assist Package Gives You 
Help When You Need it!

S T I L L   W A N T    M O R E ?

Place & Take Anywhere
Use it on your construction site, boat, watch livestock, pets wildlife or take it with you when travelling.

4G Mobile Network
Based on the 4G mobile network! The best option when WiFi is not available or wanted!


Rechargeable Solar Battery
Super Long lasting battery power per charge!

Solar-Powered (Optional)
Connect the camera to Reolink Solar Panel to get non-stop power.

Starlight Night Vision
Captures the smallest details even in low light conditions. (Will vary with distance)


Smart & Instant PIR Motion Alerts
Get Real-Time Alerts That Matter! Highly sensitive PIR motion sensor offers almost no false alarms. You receive instant app push notifications, email alerts, sound alarms and your own created alert message, when motion events are detected. No human movement can slip through without your notice.


Get email motion snapshots when there are motion events.

Phone App
Push notifications to your mobile device.

An alarm (built-in Siren) will sound automatically when motion is detected.

Stay Connected Whenever and Wherever
Wake up Reolink Go at once when you access the camera for live streaming. View live feed and stay aware of your family, office, job sites, farms, etc. on your iOS and Android mobile devices, anywhere and anytime!


With built-in mic and speaker, you can hear and speak through the camera, communicate with your beloved ones, ward off would-be burglars, and respond immediately even when off-site.

Motion Detection Record
Save the Exact Moment; Never Miss a Thing. The Reolink Go records motion events and saves exactly the moments for later playback. Access all recorded video history from nearly anywhere. So you never miss a thing.

Micro SD Card (Optional)
Record & save motion videos to a Micro SD card.

Hypervision / Reolink Cloud*
Store motion detected recordings securely in the Cloud service. Store The Moments That Matter in The Cloud. Motion triggered recordings can be uploaded to the cloud. The encrypted cloud service provides off-site backup of these critical moments and also allows you to access and play back video history anytime, from anywhere. 

Got some questions? Please Make Contact Today!

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