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Congratulations on your new "Site Management Construction Camera!" Now lets get it going for you!
All the set up has been done for you, all you need to do is connect your phone!


  1. For Iphone, Download Reolink Camera App from Apple Store

  2. For Androids, Download Reolink Camera App from Google Play

  3. Open App and click on "+" sign (top right) to add camera

  4. Enter the UID code & Password that was given to you

  5. We've done the rest for you. Your camera should now be live! That's it!
    (To add another camera, repeat step 3)


  6. We URGE you to PLEASE read the following information!
    (At least the first time!)

    Also see Settings, Tips & Tricks



Congratulations on your Hypervision CCTV Site Camera. The following simple instructions apply to all our cameras as a minimium, but some cameras may feature substantially more features depending
on the model your have had hired.

OK lets go! ....


Log into your phone app anytime and check how things are going on site! Generally, your camera arrives pre-set on a "Tradie Email Schedule" between Dusk & Dawn (Approximately). This is to avoid continuous alert emails throughout the day due to tradies on site. You can change this schedule yourself under "schedule" in the phone APP or turn your email alerts on and off (or txt us and we'll
do it for you).  


  • REMEMBER: Your site camera/s are on DRY HIRE, meaning the equipment is fully in your control and you are responsible for it's settings, site maintenance and safety. Just like any other item you would hire for site use, like a drill or jack hammer. If it breaks down, its our problem, but if it is damaged or not functioning due to neglect it's yours.   (We also offer Fully Managed Hire)

  • EMAILS: Your camera can be set to alert 3 email addresses and up to 10 people can log into it, but
    please close down your APP when not being viewed, to avoid battery issues and data drain!
    Swiping it off screen - IS NOT closing it!


  • CLEANING: Outdoor Construction Sites are a harsh environment for electronic equipment to perform and a little bit of regular love will ensure  your cameras or lights stay running trouble free.

    > Periodically log in & make sure the camera is running and pointing where you want it
    > Also check battery status in case you've had winter sun shift or have left it on by mistake. 
    > Clean the lens every now & then and even wipe some surface spray around the exterior

    Doing these few things will help keep your camera running trouble free and avoiding costly
    non warranty service calls. (Cleaning site visits are available at charge)


  • A REMINDER that all Porta Loo camera mounts MUST be collected prior to toilet collection!
    (7-10 days notice for moves).  Urgent fees will apply for shorter lead times.


  • 10 - 14 days notice is required for final collection of equipment at completion of minimum term.
    Free and unrestricted access is required on day of collection. Urgent fees may apply for short notice collections. Hire equipment can be returned to any depot in good order and condition
    atno charge or can be collected by Hypervision on site for a fee of 1 Weeks rent.


  • If you did not order insurance, please make sure you add the cameras to your site insurance policy at $1800 per single or $2400 per twin camera.

It's important to ensure your camera only sends emails when wanted! This means making sure your camera is scheduled correctly, to allow movement on sites in high times of activity. (You can turn email notifications on and off as required) If the camera "Photo Bombs" your app with emails, a number of things will happen:


1: You will start ignoring your own camera! 
2: The camera will use up all your data (There is 5 Gig Included) 
3: Your email account will likely start blocking the alerts as SPAM


You can easily change the schedule on your cameras or txt us and we will do it for you no charge!

If your camera sends you an alert, then it was triggered by something!! It did exactly what it was designed to do ... there is no such thing as a false trigger. If the camera alerts... something moved! Likely culprits for seemingly false triggers are messy site bins blowing in the wind, flapping plastic, toilet doors blowing around, cats, birds, spiders, rabbits, possums,  strong wind / rain and or course people!  In the event Hypervision are called to site for service problems, false triggers will attract a service fee and call out.


All equipment is supplied strictly as outlined under the terms and conditions and/or rental agreement found on our website ( feel free to ask any questions while you get your head around the camera, but its pretty self explanatory.

All schedules can be found under SETTINGS in your App.



Ok thanks for reading this far!


If you ordered insurance with your equipment, please click here for conditions and also see
Terms & Conditions.

Please note that all equipment is supplied strictly as per our Terms & Conditions

Thanks again
David & The Team




OK now you are connected, here is the super simple guide to get you underway!

Camera Instructions
  • Download as PDF

  • See "Plan of Action"



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