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Getting the best results


Is your CCTV Site Camera slow to rotate or lagging behind?
4G & 5G is good, but it is still a cellular data streaming service, not broadband.
Meaning there is time required, between sending a command and downloading a response.
(Especially when that response is 20 Frames per second of HD video, literally 20 images being  sent back to you per second)

4G is can be slowed further by local usage, weather, temperature and quite severely by time of day
(Usually terrible as school comes out and all the Mums and Kids hit their phones!)

So how to make it better!

When rotating or tilti
ng your camera lens in the phone APP, please set to FLUENT or LOW RES first!
This is extremely important for RELIABLE and faster results!

When rotating (or viewing) a 4G camera, the camera is sending a video stream back to you via the 4G phone network and the speed is only as good as the phone line you are viewing it on. This can change all day long.

Which means, if you have the camera set to HD and start moving the camera around, there may be "video lag" and the video you are seeing, is lagging behind the actual camera information.

This can be bad if you are setting a camera and it had moved further or to a different place than your 4G is showing you. It can also be harder to position the camera.

So its SIMPLE! Set the camera to FLUENT (Low res
) first! Then move, rotate and position the camera.
When finished, switch it back to HD (High definition).

Even if you forget to set it back to HD, it is still recording in HD!

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