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Hi Tony,

Below is my site suggestions. Please note that we make no guarantee that these suggestions will lead to any specific outcomes and are our opinions only. 

There are a few options, but my thought would be to put a 4 Metre freestanding (IBC) unit where the sticks are laying, (can wheel it in) with a PRO BOX which should give you a good view down the scaffolds, across the front of the carports to the side fence and a fair way down the driveway.  I'd also add 2 decoy cameras (example) so that if someone looks down the side of the house or from the creek area, it looks pretty convincing! It should also be out of everyone's way. (Base is 1 x 1.2M and will fit in that gap ok)

Would be hard for someone to cross this sight zone and not trigger an alert.

I'd also put a substantial decoy camera on the rear of the property.

Could mount this off the scaffold or a gutter mount.

So costs would be:
Camera: $34.95 PW (Inc all costs & data)
IBC Base: $6.50PW
Solar Decoys Pole Mount: 2 x $1.50 Each: $3 PW
Solar Decoy (Hanging) Rear: $2PW 
Metal Site Signage: Included

TOTAL:  $46.45PW  (Inc GST)

- Paid Weekly via Direct DEBIT, Pay Pal or Card

You could drop the decoys if you wanted, but these are  a strong deterrent for a few $$!
We could also mount the camera on the scaffold to save costs, so let me know if you wish to discuss this options. Sometimes we mount the poles on a the fence, but I don't think this would be ideal on your site.

Lighting, Fencing & Decoys seem to stop most of your opportunistic unwanted guests!
But Pros and Pros and there does seem to be a lot of things on the move at the moment in the Northen Suburbs. 

Here's a link to camera specs, please let me know if I can help further

Regards David



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