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"Short term hire
available for
harvest, vintage

or events"

Farm Surveillance  Cameras South Australia
We offer delivery and installation Australia Wide!

Keep an eye on your farm from anywhere in the world with a Farm Cam 4G on farm streaming camera!
100% Stand Alone!
No 240 Volt Power Required
No Internet Required
No Wiring - Ready to run!

Mount it on a gate, place on the ground or
just stick it on the dash of your harvester and it's running!

No installation required!

Our FarmPro 4G gives you the freedom to manage your property remotely and watch over water troughs, livestock, movement, machinery and fuel.
You could even mount it to a harvester or tractor and see what's going on anytime of the day or night with Infra Red Streaming video!

Receive a picture on your phone when the stock arrive at the trough for a drink! Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing your property is secure.

Short Term Rental for Harvesting / Vintage
or Long Term Rentals and Sales

Our custom farm monitoring solutions are the best in the country with a reliability record second to none! In fact... to back up such a bold statement, we even offer "on farm" service contract options, meaning if the system goes down.. its not your problem!

"Cost Effective, Farm Surveillance Camera Solutions offering
Fast & Reliable Quality Video & Images without the high cost!"


  • Very cost effective!

  • Rent or Buy

  • No Power or Internet Required

  • Picture Alerts to Phone

  • Battery life up to 30 days

  • Solar Options

  • Fixed or Rotating Lens 0ptions

  • Tough & Waterproof

  • Cattle Rub Enclosure Options

  • Ideal for remote locations

Large Tractor
Moree Cattle Wide-004.JPG


  • Water Troughs

  • Livestock Management

  • Pest Control

  • Silos

  • Vehicle Mounting

  • Paddocks

  • Horse Stables

  • Feed Sheds and Barns

  • Paddocks & Feed Areas

  • Property Entrances

  • Construction Areas

Why use Camera Surveillance on your farm?

Once you enjoy the benefits of remote viewing and management of your whole farm there's no going back!

Great cost benefits

No more gates to open

No more driving around checking water or feed 

Know what your herds are doing

See what insects or pests are causing grief at night

Receive a picture on your phone

Log in and watch live video 

Portable so can move around if required

On Farm installation or Australia Wide Delivery

"Turn Key" Solutions ready to run

Camera Assist Program

Enjoy the freedom and ease of monitoring your property remotely. 


Why choose us?

It’s Hypervision's unrivalled experience across the remote surveillance sector, married with our passion for rural Australia!  For over a 30 years we have worked in television cameras and providing practical solutions for clients across the county. Rather than focusing on the technology, we provide real solutions that result in actual benefits

$44.95 Per Week (Long term rental)


$99 Single Week (short term rental)

$149 Fortnight (short term rental)

$279 Per Month (short term rental - Great for Harvest or Vintage)
Short term hire cameras arrive running and include freight. (Australia Wide)
Upon camera arrival, you just scan the QR code and you're up and running!



$895.00  (Options & upgrades available)
$10 Per Week  (On farm service contracts & options)

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