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 P R O B O X  P E S T C A M   4G  -  From $5 Per Day

Got a vermin problem!

Watching, identifying & monitoring sneaky night time pests can be a huge problem!  Or in the case of remote management, receiving notification when a new pest problem begins can "literally" save the day (or your assets).

Our point & shoot Pest Cameras are amazing & will 100% identify destructive or damage behaviour from pests allowing you to remedy the problem!  

Night & Day with full Infra Red Vision. Receive a picture on your phone instantly!

Great for monitoring on the farm baiting or trapping programs and ensure the intended recipient is "taking the bait!" and not birds.  When you lay baits, poisons or even traps on a property, it's important to make sure they are working as they should.

Or In situations where you might be at distance from a property or asset, running a PESTCAM, will give you the "heads up" the moment an issue begins and before the damage begins. We have clients that run PESTCAMS in Storage Yards and Farms and the moment the mice arrive, they know!

Perfect for Foxes, Feral Cats, Wild Dogs, Rabbits, Mice, Rates, All Vermin, Termites, Snakes, Night Insects

We've had clients that were baiting rabbits only to find that after the Pest Cam was in place, the Rabbits weren't eating anything and the birds were taking the lot. Clients with noise in the roof can identify what's up there all night long. You'll be amazed at people that think they have possums found termites. Fox in the chicken coop or a cat?

What insect is destroying all your plantings out of the property at night!

Affectionally known as the "night watchman" the cameras arrive 100%

 "Ready to Run!

Just mount on a tree, place directly on ground or in the roof and away you go!


Can be fitted with auto on lights and alarms. 
No more guesswork! 

Pest CAM   

$69 Per  Weekend   ($34.50 Per Day)

$99  Week   ($14 Per day)

$129 Fortnight   ($9 Per Day)

$159 Full Month  ($5 per day)

(Unit can be collected from depot or delivered via courier for $25



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• 1 x 4G Pestcam 
• 4G (No Internet required) 
• No Set Up 
• Battery Powered 
• Live HD Colour Video 
• Instant Email Alert 
• Infra Red for night 
• Cloud Option 
• On Site Service 
• Camera Assist 
• Solar Option (No 240V) 

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