Hi David,

Below is some site suggestions for surveillance equipment rental and camera deterrents. Please note that we make no guarantee that these suggestions will lead to any specific outcomes and are our opinions only. 

With budget in mind and given the history and large size of the site, my thought would be to add a fairly heavy, wide and substantial decoy / strobe presence on site with an active camera watching the whole scene which will give you a full view of the house front. I would mount 1 decoy at each end of the house, 2 on the front sign and an active camera off to the side. I couldn't see that clearly, but i think we could mount one on the tennis court light pole. If not, it could go on the front sign or flag pole as well. I would also add 2 active (Audible after dark) strobes lights. 1 on the sign top and 1 around the back.

This should give a strong street presence and hopefully look pretty convincing to anyone considering a visit and it will also be out of everyone's way.  Phone tower strength was good, so no problems there for system activation.

Standard rental is 180 day + (6 Months), but we can offer a short term casual rate as well (See below). Equipment can be shifted from site to site during this time (Fees apply).

You can pick and choose any of the suggested equipment from the list below:

TOTAL:  $46.85PW  (+ GST)
- Paid Weekly / fortnightly via Direct DEBIT, Pay Pal or Card

- Rental pricing based on 180+ day hire Period. (Short Term Hire + 50% on rental costs)

If budget allowed, I would also consider cameras / decoys at the rear and happy to quote this in the future if required.
You could drop the decoys / strobes if you wanted, but these are  a strong deterrent for a few $$!

Lighting, Fencing & Decoys seem to stop most of the opportunistic unwanted guests!

Here's a link to camera specs, please let me know if I may help further

Delivery is running at round 14 days at the moment, but I think we could get you in next Thursday at a push.

Regards David



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