Hi Leo,

Great to meet you yesterday.  As discussed, we can supply a 4G 3rd Gen Camera with Solar Panel on a 3-4 metre pole inc mounting brackets for $34.95PW (+ GST). This price is based on a minimum 6 month rental and includes delivery, set up, data (to 5 gig), monitor assist and  and 7 day on site warranty.

These cameras will be perfect for "on site management" and after hours alerts for unwanted activity.


In the event you would like to add further options in the future, following is a list of some options available to you.

- Paid Weekly / fortnightly via Direct DEBIT, Pay Pal or Card

- Rental pricing based on 180+ day hire Period. (Short Term Hire + 50% on rental costs)

Delivery is running at round 14 days at the moment, but I think we could get you in next Thursday at a push.

If you would like to proceed, simply let me know the site location, Company Name and if you would like to pay Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly. We will then send you a Direct Debit link to authorise and a rental agreement will be drawn up for signing on the day of install.

Kind Regards

Disclaimer:  Please note Hypervision are a dedicated security equipment rental company, we make no guarantee that any suggestions or equipment will lead to specific outcomes and are personal opinions based on personal experience only. 

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